‘Nick Reed’s vast experience in the industry, from acting to writing and directing to producing, is the perfect recipe for a coach. You leave a session with him having discovered a much deeper, complex meaning to the character and scene. He can break down a scene with ease and will get the performance the scene requires from you.’

SAM CLEMMETT (Albus Potter in Harry Potter And The Cursed Child)


Nick's studio

Nick coaches actors ranging from youngsters going for their first castings to seasoned professionals who want to be fully prepared for a casting or to work on a role once they’ve obtained the job.  Coaching usually involves filming and reviewing work, enabling actors to see for themselves how different approaches alter their impact on the screen.

If you want a self-tape that will make a real impact it needs to be shot properly, with good lighting and good sound.  Nick will work with you on your self-tape, read in and shoot the footage, together you will review it, edit it and upload it to Vimeo using privacy settings or send the link directly to the casting department, whatever is needed.

In addition to self-tapes Nick shoots headshots and showreels.